Saturday, September 8, 2012

the virus is making its magic tonight

the virus is making its magic tonight...

the virus is making its magic tonight
huddled in this strained embrace
we try to love each other against all odds
resisting metaphors to war
attacking fear with love
rather than anger - not anger
entire patterns of kaleidoscopic organisms
composed by two strands of RNA
fifteen types of viral proteins
from the last host cell infected

entering immune system cells
building viral copies
each molecule playing
harmonic roles in this process
from the first steps of attachment
to the final process of budding

we have found a way to bloom
in these final diagnoses
the pain we feel is neither
sweet nor sour but both
the pain is lasting
and we find ways to endure
to create nostalgia for so many futures lost

there are no soldiers here
no weapons
just a body and its own private virus
un-camouflaged distinct
in some everlasting clutch
grabbed from a world
filled with worrisome warriors
wanting so desperately to name it out of timeworn kinship
into realms of scapegoating
and histrionic imperialism

begun as a massive strategy for the destruction of an identity
the dubious normalization of queer
that had been so hard won we cried in streets
rosy triangulations vigilant on thoroughfares
only to be harshly chaperoned by false scientific jargon - chat
herded along grid-like routes to the ridiculously sublime missteps of time

the absence of the truth
of tenderness and touch

and now we have it here
in a plethora of bodies
abundance with but one choice to love it and ourselves in and out of loss
to toss our sense of me and I in the end
without regretting middles and beginnings

yes, we huddle in this strained embrace
composing entire brilliant patterns of kaleidoscopic chaos
disseminating ordered mayhem we may one day conquer
free to make this choice on loving death
and the abject fear of isolating ourselves from our detractors
bending viral loads into symbolic signs swaddled and beheld - for bodies to enfold

yes, huddled herds - virions of valiant sympathy and hard won grace…

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