Saturday, August 11, 2012

men around the house


haiku on why Charlie Sheen can never love me 

there are men who smoke
like there is no tomorrow
i am tomorrow

dress author car 

Vera            Wang
Virginia     Woolf


                                         a man around the house

his dreams of having men around the house
rose to realizations that all he held were
houses around men

awake he saw his lifelong love of dwellings
belonging to a dearth of love for people
preferring things to ideals of disorder

sprung form drowsy visions
of pre-recorded bliss
among the relics - broken schemes

now he walks alone
along the sleepy tiles
of spare nuclear array

familial shadows
dusted from the surfaces
of sleek intransitory spleen

            - armoires, sideboards, under-populated shelves -

chapters, spines, objects
culled from presents passing
his cheeks decry

nostalgia for the crocodile tears
he never spent
the alligator belt he bought online

            - fountains, youth, eternal pubic lairs -

rather tiny infantile droplets
feigned remorse
for knowing stolid pretense

            - inertia polished

will find the ways to comfort
away from terrifying blows
of what once posed as real

            - alive, undreamt -


some men fly on Scrotum Airlines
to islands cast in semen
they memorize the land

the curvature of self taught testicles
wrought from gilded fleece
hung gracelessly by gawds of wit and wisdom

in their laps he mimes some blithe pudendic pilot

            -   poet wary of his sternum, bough
                        pimply sacs of gauze -

he flies to islands to abandon land
forgetting earth that claims him as fey folly
dismissing toxic dirt

floats on terra firma mounds
these watery orbs descending into torpid pools
but we digress  -

                        he soars

 body hair: (paraphrased, then embroidered, from ancient Wikipedian folklore)

first a few sparse hairs
along upper base
of scrotal pines

next spare numerous tuft-lessness around the shank
then a thicker darker field
of apotheotic lilies - scrawny, crammed 

now the thighs and lower tummy
flustered by the sudden onset of such stuff
where dreams are shaded

later having reigned among umbilicus
through abdominal fears
other areas become aloof but crowded

sequences of sensitivity
these sociopathic androgens - their androgenic fare -
armpits (axillae), upper lip, (sideburns) preauricular regions

nipples (areolic halo of follicular debris)
mid-chest, neck, beneath the chin
beard, limbs, shoulders - dreaded back and buttocks!

a distinct pubarche’ian process
divorced from testicular maturation
leading to sexual fertility and fun

as a footnote to all this play
of strand and sternum
lock and thigh

pubic tresses may allow themselves to grow
among defective ovals, balls
signifying very little difference

between responses to the growth
of adrenal androgens
by men and women

obvious sex-dimorphic dissimilarities in distribution
primarily result from levels of androgen-eity
as maturity happens

as life and death occur

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