Sunday, June 21, 2015

father’s day                       I have your body / hide & seek

I have your body
Masculinity is hidden there – in mine
In yours it’s sought it sweeps it curves with
Predicated beauty
Gracing and disgracing some men’s organs and the
Arms of certain privilege

But I still have your body
The gentle swagger in yours
A droll mince in mine
Your height is there, in moderation –
I struggle with your lows
But they amuse me – their imbibing nature                         make me love harder stronger fast
Keeps me guarded from
The speech of those detractors
Roaming streets in search of bidden gender to defile

But I have your body - to protect my gait
From  the wrath of deconstruction
It was built for you through generations of
Manly presence – by the time I received that gift
Shaded in the bough of your lover’s leafy frame              on father’s day we’ll think of her

Because I have her body too
But some see it wander mimic play -
Mince and swagger high and low
The gentle - droll foundations
Set upon the ways in which we have our bodies –

I have yours – inscribed

On mine

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